Our Vision

At Temple Micah we believe in creating sacred spaces where you can bring your whole self and be your best self. In our building, in our homes, and in our city, we practice a hopeful, inclusive Judaism that is rooted in co-creating our shared future. Together, we attempt to find a greater sense of coherence, meaning, and possibility about who we are and want to be. 

To us, Reform is a verb — social justice is a primary expression of our values and our faith, central to everything we believe and do. We support each other in seeking answers to the fundamental questions about our lives — both as individuals and as part of something larger than ourselves. 

Welcome to Micah. We’re glad you’re here.

Our Defining Values

1. Community: It is our hope that Micah serves as a communal home. We want to create a community where  friends cross generational lines, where the older meet the younger, where we have a sense of “village,” where we know we belong and can fully participate.

2. Torah-centered study: Intellectual inquiry into the nature of our religion is fundamental to who we are. We care about learning and teaching for everyone.

3. Relevant religious experiences: We want Micah to be a place where we can deepen our spiritual selves through religious experiences of prayer, ritual, music, and art that touch our souls and add beauty to our lives. We seek to make the pursuit of religious experience accessible and vital to everyone.

4. Acts of love and kindness: The pursuit of social justice as a Jewish obligation is seen as a primary expression of a religious life. The ethical mandate of Judaism is both a communal and individual responsibility. We seek to make acts of love and kindness real in our daily lives.

5. Inclusiveness: Our members are young, old, queer, straight, married, and single.  Their families include non-Jewish members and those of different abilities, different races and ethnicities.  Whether you are firmly rooted Jewishly or are a new seeker, Micah is a home for you.

6. L’dor vador: Educating our children is a communal responsibility.  Including them in our community activities is a pervasive and ongoing process. We are a community where different generations care for each other.

7. Support: Each member of our community is important. We support each other at times of life, death, illness, change, and other crises.

8. Israel as a guidepost: Israel is part of our religious consciousness as Jews, providing an integral reflection of the Torah. It serves as a fundamental connection to our Jewish identity.

9. Humility: We value modesty as a community as well as self-reflection and humor and laughter. We seek to be open-minded and non-dogmatic in all that we embrace and do. Our building has no donor or memorial plaques. Our members give to their abilities, and no person is lifted up higher than another based on financial contributions.