Temple Micah Cemetery

 General Information

Temple Micah maintains a cemetery for members and their families at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery in Adelphi, MD. Nearly 400 burial sites are located in two sections, a main section that adheres to traditional Jewish customs and an interfaith section that permits the burial of Jewish and non-Jewish family members together, as well as the burial of cremated remains.

With lovely shade trees and large bushes, the cemetery provides an appropriate memorial for our departed, a solemn setting for special services, and a well-cared-for place of contemplation. A memorial service is conducted at the cemetery every year during the High Holy Day season.

The cemetery is a Temple Micah community effort, managed by the Cemetery Trustees. A perpetual maintenance fund pays for the annual upkeep of the landscaping.

When a Death Occurs

Temple Micah members are not alone during the confusion and trauma following a death. The rabbis and the cemetery trustees are available to help with many of the decisions and arrangements. A cemetery trustee is always on call to provide assistance whether a plot already is owned or must be purchased. The trustee will help deal with the cemetery personnel, accompany the family member to the cemetery, and assist with the details.

Contact the office to speak with a rabbi: 202.342.9175. If you are calling after business hours, press “2” to be connected with the rabbi on call.

Burial Rights

Temple Micah is the owner of record of all the sites in our cemetery, but members of the congregation may purchase burial rights to particular plots. The revenues from the sale of burial rights enable the trustees to maintain and care for a beautiful and fitting memorial setting. Members who leave the area may sell their sites back to the trustees at the original purchase price.

For further information, contact a cemetery trustee.

Directions to Temple Micah Cemetery

Mt. Lebanon Cemetery is located at 9500 Riggs Rd, Adelphi, MD 20783.

Please note the entrance to Temple Micah Cemetery is located on Adelphi Rd. between New Hampshire and Riggs Rd. The main entrance from Adelphi Rd. will take you to the wrong section of the cemetery.

After entering Mt. Lebanon Cemetery from Adelphi Rd., to go to the main part of the Micah Cemetery, take your first right and go to end of cul-de-sac–the Temple Micah section is straight ahead down the hill. To go to the interfaith section of the Micah Cemetery, from the cemetery entrance go straight past the cemetery office, continuing as the road bends left and left again. The interfaith section is on your right, marked by the Micah bench.