Machon Micah, the Micah Institute for Jewish Living, creates and sustains a shared quest for Jewish identity through experience and study for all members of Temple Micah. Participation in the Machon, which is designed for both adults and youth, builds knowledge of Jewish identity and practice through innovation in teaching and learning; social activism and outreach; and the integration of different age groups, backgrounds and experiences into a lively educational community. An ongoing experiment in Jewish education, Machon Micah is guided by the following tenets.

  1. Jewish learning should take place within Jewish real time.
  2. History is an important anchor.
  3. Jewish identity is forward looking, dynamic and creative.
  4. Tradition comes to life through shared practice.
  5. Judaism’s future is as vibrant as its past.

Learn more about our youth education here and our adult education here.

Contact our Director of Education, Sharon Tash.