Visit the Micah Storefront Project website for more information and a calendar of events

Storefront is a new project led by Temple Micah’s Rabbi Josh Beraha and Rabbi Stephanie Crawley, who believe that Jewish wisdom has relevance and importance in our modern lives. The Temple Micah Storefront Project is moving the Jewish conversation from inside the walls of the synagogue into the public square. What animates us is a desire to expand what Jewish life can look like and where Jewish life can take place.

Our community is made up of young families and folks in their 20s and 30s.

If you’re looking for information on Temple Micah’s 20s/30s and young family community events that take place at Temple Micah, please check out Next Dor or Young Family Shabbat.


Storefront creates space for folks in their 20s and 30s (ish) to gather and study in small groups. We build community though accessible and deep shared learning experiences and conversation.

What we do together:
– High Holy Day Services
– Small group study on relevant topics
– Social justice collaborations
– Guided gatherings such as death over dinner

Young Families

Storefront brings Jewish ritual and community to your neighborhood. We create spaces for joyous, engaging, and accessible gatherings for young families.

What we have done together:
– Shabbat morning singing and brunch (Saturday mornings)
– Shabbat evening singing and dinner (Friday nights)
– High Holy Day services for young families
– Holiday and social gatherings
– Drink and think (parent discussion groups)

The Micah Storefront Project is a project of Temple Micah, funded by the Temple Micah Innovation Fund and the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.