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Solar Panels

88 solar panels are now in place and turning sunlight into energy on the Temple Micah roof. With them, the congregation will save as much as $4,200 a year on electricity, a significant contribution to the temple’s bottom line. The panels are expected to provide up to 25 percent of Micah’s electricity. The panels were […]

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Yachad Honors Micah Stalwarts

Temple Micah team captains honored at Yachad’s annual Community Builder’s Bash in November 2014.
Every spring for two decades, Micah volunteers have put on old clothes, picked up hammers, screwdrivers and paint brushes and taken part in Sukkot in Spring, a program through which synagogue volunteers help repair the houses of low-income homeowners who aren’t physically or financially able to make their own repairs. The effort not only enables […]

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Rabbi Zemel in the Washington Post

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“We Will Rise” Rabbi Zemel’s 11/11 Sermon (Text)

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“We Will Rise” Rabbi Zemel’s 11/11 Sermon (Video)

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High Holy Day Sermons 5777

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High Holy Day Sermons 5777

Rabbi Zemel – Rosh Hashanah 5777 “The Jewish Way Not to be Dead Inside”

Rabbi Zemel – Kol Nidre 5777 “Job Encounters the Machzor”

Rabbi Landau – Next Dor Kol Nidre 5777  “Lessons from Eden” Next Dor Kol Nidre 5777

Rabbi Landau – Yom Kippur 5777 “Tocho K’varo: Our Insides Covered in Gold”

Rabbi Beraha -Rosh Hashanah 5777

Rabbi Beraha […]

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Czech Torah Mystery Solved

Czech Torah Mystery Solved
The May-June issue of the Vine reported that the history of how Temple Micah obtained its first Czech Torah in the 1960s is clouded in mystery. (“Saved from Holocaust, Czech Torahs Serve New Generations at Micah,” May/June 2016, p. 1). Further research into temple newsletters and board minutes of the period as […]

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