As we move more fully into 5781, we invite you to look back with us on other momentous years in our community’s history. Consider purchasing A Time to Speak: Selected Sermons and Writings from 1983-2019 by Rabbi Daniel G. Zemel. This collection of twenty-five sermons and writings encapsulates Rabbi Zemel’s innovative leadership over the years, and reminds us all of how he led Micah through so many temple celebrations, national storms, and baseball seasons, with wisdom, vision, and humor.
The book was edited by Martha Ransohoff Adler, designed by congregant Rob Sugar, and introduced by Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman. 
The price of the book is $25, which includes shipping. To order, just fill out this form
From the inside jacket cover:
“Marking 40 years since Rabbi Zemel’s ordination and 36 years since he came to Temple Micah, this collection of writings places him at the forefront of the Reform movement. He has a unique vision that reflects wisely on the past, confronts the challenges of the present, and seeks to chart a path toward a meaningful and rich future for American Reform Jews.”
Writings in the book include:
  • Sermon following the 9/11 terrorist attacks
  • Judaism and Baseball
  • Sermon following the 2016 election
  • Letter to Congregation About Interfaith Marriage
  • and many more