Read this beautiful piece in The New York Jewish Week by member Allison Wohl about Micah, our “inclusion with no exceptions,” and our passion for social justice and equality. We are proud to celebrate diversity, not just tolerate it.

In her words, “Social justice is a cornerstone of the synagogue’s philosophy and fabric. Two years ago, my friend and colleague Ari Ne’man spoke at Shabbat services in honor of Jewish Disabilities Awareness Month. In his talk, he reminded us that “you cannot be included if you are not welcome inside the same school or camp or synagogue as any other, but you are also not included if your participation there is a matter of charity, rather than one of right. Inclusion cannot come in a special program only for people with disabilities —the nature of the term is to be allowed in by the same door, with the same rights as any other participants … We make adjustments and accommodations, we add services and we individualize programs as necessary, but the point of what we are doing is not to create something special, it is to create something equal. Justice, not charity.”

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